Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal grain, which belongs to the Chenopodium family. It is also known as the “Golden grain of the Andes”, as it was used in daily diet of Tiahuanacu and Inca civilisations more than 5000 years ago.

There are more than 17 varieties of quinoa. They grow from Northern Ecuador to southern Bolivia. The most demanded quinoa in the world is the Real variety. REAL QUINOA only grows in the Southern Altiplano of Bolivia, and is adapted to an extremely cold and dry weather (200 to 400 mm of annual rain), salty soils and high altitudes (from 3700 to 4200 m. above sea level). These extreme conditions produce a bigger grain with increased nutritional values.

Quinoa is today the only grain known to provide all the essential amino acids needed by the human body. It also contains significant amounts of various minerals, specially calcium, phosphorus and iron, making it highly nutritious.