Support and services offered to affiliates

Institutional promotion

  • Food Safety Program, by promoting technologic development of; food safety, certifications and quality systems (HACCP, ISO 9001 – 22000 and 14000).
  • Corporate social responsibility actions.
  • Promoting the Designation of Origin of Royal Quinoa.
  • To come up with promoting strategies for domestic quinoa market.
  • To maintain a strong Ethic code.
  • To participate in local and international fairs.

Agricultural program

  • To consolidate a technical agricultural department that promotes and strengthens the suppliers programs of each affiliated enterprise.
  • To stimulate the organic certification of new communities through supplier programs from each affiliated enterprise.
  • To stimulate the rules and practices of organic production (soil management, use of natural fertilizer, use of biological controls, georeferencing).
  • To encourage technological development for the farmers.
  • To channel donation and credit sources to productive investors.

Services for affiliates

  • To attract private and international funding in favor of the affiliates of the chamber and strategic beneficiaries of the quinoa production chain.
  • To obtain resources in order to provide technical assistance and technologies to its members.
  • To generate local and international contact networks in order to export affiliate’s products.
  • To obtain resources for the affiliates so they can participate in fairs and promote their products on a national and an international level.

Promoting the organic sustainable cultivation of Royal Quinoa and other varieties

  • Ecologic soil and eco systems management.
  • To encourage the balance with camelid farming industry in order to generate natural fertilizers.
  • To help farmers obtain credit through technical assistance and training.
  • Post harvesttechnologicimprovement.
  • Support for research development in agriculture.

Technologic development

  • To optimize the transformation of the grain.
  • To have more diversification in the development of quinoa products of different varieties.