Irupana Andean Organic Foods S.A.

Irupana S.A. is an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility and a pioneer not only in the recovery and industrialization of Andean grains, but also in the promotion of their ancient usage and preparation. Since 1985, Irupana has produced a large variety of foods that are nutritious and naturally healthy.

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Coronilla S.A.

Coronilla S.A. is a certified organic agri-processor that offers a complete line of gluten free snacks and pasta.The Andean Cereals, the quality, the respect of nature and a deep social philosophy, assure to our clients an exceptional product.

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Andean Valley S.A.

Andean Valley S.A. is a private company dedicated to the processing, developing and exporting of ANDEAN PRODUCTS, using natural processes and the best technology available to maintain the original quality of the raw material and the highest standards of quality.

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