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Andean Valley aims to transform the future with nutrition

Renewing its commitment to people’s wellbeing the Bolivian company Andean Valley has revamped its brand introducing a wide variety of products derived from organic Royal Quinoa and the vision of a continued global expansion.

At BIOFACH last week CEO, Javier Fernández and his team presented the firm’s new line and concepts “from the field to fork, and from the fork to everyone’s heart.” OWN asked Mr. Fernandez to share with our readers what motivated this brand re-launch.

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Dr. Oz helps his staff battle obesity with granola, quinoa, exercise and mantras

If those foods sound, well, boring, Dr. Oz revealed on his Jan. 9 talk show that quinoa ranks as his favorite grain because it’s both healthy and versatile.

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Gluten-Free Quinoa – For World Wide Food Security

Maybe you’ve heard of this tiny grain, which is actually not a grain at all, but a seed instead – maybe you haven’t. Quinoa, pronounced ‘Keen-wah’ is a South American treasure, used by Aztec warriors for greater stamina and quicker recovery.

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Bolivia celebrates the World Year of Bolivian Royal Quinoa 2013

The Bolivian Chamber of Quinoa Exporters (CABOLQUI) is organizing its most important event to celebrate 2013 the International Year of Quinoa. From March 22 – 25 the main Bolivian farmers, producers, processors, exporters, and worldwide importers, distributors, retailers, supermarkets, wholesalers, and the affiliated companies are invited to participate in a unique “All about Bolivian Quinoa” […]

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BIOFACH 2013 Fair

The Royal Quinoa, the golden grain of the Andes will be held during 2013 in all continents. Within this agenda promoting Bolivian quinoa, the Bolivian Chamber of Exporters of Quinoa and Organic Products (CABOLQUI), Program Support Growth and Diversification of Exports (PROEX), FAUTAPO Foundation, Embassy of the Netherlands and Centre for the Promotion of Imports […]

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Launch of International Year of Quinoa 2013

La Razón (Print edition), February 20, 2013 | Quinoa, for its nutritional benefits and versatility agronomic constitutes a strategic crop to contribute to food security in various regions of the world, especially in countries where the population has no access to protein sources, or where they have limitations in food production, highlights the Master Plan […]

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